With over 15 years in home restoration, business owner Zach Zerman has the expertise to assist you in full home restoration. Whether it be a roof replacement from storm damage, replacing weathered and fading siding or installing new gutters, Zach’s experience will provide you the results you deserve.

Cost Effective

Zerman Restoration forwards you, the homeowner, tremendous savings being a full in-house home restoration company. By passing on the need to have a sales, administrative and support staff and working directly with the area’s best construction contractors, Zerman Restoration passes along savings that can’t be beat.


As a small business owner, Zach Zerman understands that at the end of the day, all he has is his WORD. What protecting the integrity of his WORD each day means to you is that Zach is going to go the extra mile to be a dependable home restoration provider. Customers city wide have come to know Zach is truthful and can be trusted. After all, the Zerman Way is the Right Way. 

Great Home Restoration Value Starts Here…

It’s your home and you know it best. The Best Restoration Plans become a reality when we work well together.
Take time to source these restoration ideas we’ve placed here and let us know how we can help.