What support do you provide?

Zach provides full system support of installations his company has done. You may call him @ 314-570-0185 and he will schedule a no-cost service call to your home Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM to assess you service needs.

From there you will receive a written estimate for repairs, proposals for projects or sound restoration advice.

What impact will a new roof or new siding add when I go to sell my home? What is the benefit?

According to the National Association of Realtors homes that have a new roof installed increase in value a minimum of 6%. As as an example, a home which normally lists for $340,000 would, by their estimate, increase in selling value to $360,400.

Likewise, according to the Garabedian Group in Cambridge, Massnewly newly installed siding, such as LP Smartside or fiber cement products offer the best bang for the buck for increasing home value. But to do so, requires a good deal of homework.

What do I do should I suspect I have storm damage to my home?

If you suspect damage to your home from a storm that has passed through our area:

  1. Call us immediately @ 314-570-0185. We can do an immediate assessment and get a tarp installed within 2-3 hours, if need be.
  2. If the damage is not threatening, but significant, call 314-570-0185 and we will provide a fully written outline of the damage we’ve discovered by doing a scheduled inspection of your home. With our report it may be necessary to help you contact your insurance provider for a full inspection by an adjuster at a later time to determine if you qualify for a replacement under your policy.

What about Guarantees & Refunds?

We’ve not been asked for a refund – yet. However, our work is accompanied with a one-year workmanship guarantee. Meaning, should there be a fault with our installation and problems occur with your system (if the fault is with our installation) for one year following installation we will repair all issues at our cost. Past our work, most manufacturers provide between a 15-50 year limited warranty on a variable of products installed. Should you have a problem with faulty products, and we discern it it the fault of the manufacturer, we will, at no cost to you replace/repair any/all faulty products to maintain the upkeep of your home.

What is an average set-up time for installation?

Roofing, siding and gutter installations vary in time and scope.

A good roofing project can take 1-3 days on most St. Louis suburban homes, while a siding installation (done properly) can take 3-5 days. Gutter replacement is usually done in one day on an average 3,500 sq ft house.

Each restoration project is unique and we will provide an up-front time table for each project we build.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

You have the right to cancel a restoration project at any time. However, please be aware at the time of bid-approval a 50% down payment is required for the purchasing of your materials. Most often components of restoration build are exclusively purchased for each individual home. Therefore, once purchased, if a system is cancelled or returned an appropriate restocking fee (provided by our suppliers) will apply to products purchased on your behalf.

Are there additional costs?

Once we quote and bid a project, the only additional costs associated with our bid are:

  • additionally requested products and additional construction
  • product changes and reorders
  • unforeseen conditions (mold, rotted wood, non-compliant previous construction materials or installation)

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Should an accident occur after our building, and is not the fault of our installation, we will provide a minimally invasive and cost effective bid to get your home back online.

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